“There is no such thing as not my job. & I don’t know, but let’s find out!”


Amanda is an experienced oil & gas professional with ten years of experience as a Landman with Chesapeake Energy Company in Oklahoma City. She worked Texas and Oklahoma plays as an E&P Landman. Amanda chose the Land profession out of a desire to help people realize the value of their mineral estates which would otherwise go undeveloped without the help of oil & gas companies. She chose Chesapeake because of their reputation of paying mineral owners fair bonus monies for their leases. Her favorite part about the industry is all of the interaction with owners and professionals with other companies. She likes title work because of the sense of history and the ability to put the puzzle together to make sure the right people are getting paid. While working as a Landman she excelled at working with other departments such as Division Orders in activities such as clearing suspense accounts. One of her proudest moments was when she was able to give an owner $800K+ by clearing up a title issue for inherited property the owner did not know about in Christmas of 2017. Now on this side of the title opinion, her goal is to keep people out of suspense by providing good title and counsel to our oil & gas clients. Additionally, Amanda has a passion for estate planning and ensuring that assets are preserved and passed down per the client’s wishes so that families do no lose value in their hard earned assets over time. She has seen as a Landman how assets can lose value without proper planning and wants to help families preserve that value for their future generations.

Amanda graduated from Bridge Creek High School in Blanchard, OK. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from Kaplan University in Chicago and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma College of Law where she was recognized as the Outstanding Senior Law Student in her final year. While in law school (and since) Amanda exercised another of her passions, mentoring and teaching, by serving on the Dean’s Council which allowed her to mentor students in the years below her.

Before entering law school Amanda worked as a paralegal for American Family Insurance in St. Louis and for a bankruptcy firm in Kansas City. While she is a native of the Bridge Creek, OK area, she spent several years moving from place to place and has lived in Kansas City, KS; Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; and St. Louis, MO before moving back home to attend law school.

During law school and since graduation Amanda worked at Chesapeake Energy Company in OKC. She is a Certified Professional Landman and has been active in the American Association of Professional Landmen, Oklahoma City Association of Professional Landmen, and the Oklahoma Mineral Lawyers Associations. Amanda also keeps close ties with the law school and has been back many times to teach classes or judge competitions. She also engaged in recruiting for Chesapeake and this allowed her to bring students to the campus for tours on campus, of rigs, and of CHK technology centers.

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